06 September 2011

Terlalu dalam.

"The clock at the table, seems to enable me
to see the time that I have spend alone
selfish is easy it's also completely free
but it's nothing if no one is there to share
all the good times all the bad times
let me know..

"If I dive too deep, you'll pull me out
if I try to speak, you'll hear me out
if I get to weak, you'll hold me close
and tell me I'm fine..

"You know the worst lines come at the best times
and I know that I can be so difficult
but that's why I love you, there's nothing that I could do 
without you I am only miserable.."

"I'm your strength
we achieve
I know that your the sun that's looking down
with all my heart I believe.."

p.s : Beribu-ribu kilometer itu jauh, Jauh itu cuma jarak , tiada apa yang jauh dalam hati ini. dekat sahaja selalu. Chenta <3 (:

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