13 July 2010

Paul Si Sotong Peramal, :D

Ouh paul,i do love you so much for predicting that spain gonna "grab" the world cup!!paul si sotong nieh sangat hebat dalam meramal perlawanan piala dunia,7 out of 7,way to go paul!heh,nasib je kot,?x pun si paul nieh memang ada kuasa psikik?ouh tak mungkin,then,would you picked me a calon for my "future wife",paul?.haha..paul adalah jenis haiwan yang hampir ditelan kepupusan,so stop the rumours that he is gonna be eaten or dibuat masak lemak cili api, by the dutch even the danish. ;D

the First games that was predicted by paul is between Germany and australia,
and paul picked Germany.as the result,germany won by 4-0. ;D

The Second Game That was predicted is b'ween Germany and serbia,luckily that paul picked serbia,the majority said"wow",serbia?,huh,paul said,,and paul did it again,serbia won by 1-0.what an epic failed to germany.

The Third Unlucky game that predicted by paul was between Ghana and Germany.Paul Picked Germany,and there you go paul.germany won by 1-0.

The fourth unluckiest world cup squad that beaten by paul predict was between germany and england,paul picked germany,,and here you go paul,what a score line,england beaten by 4 to 1,haha.and not to forget,rooney sucks!

The next game that was predicted by this oracle octopus was b'ween argentina and germany.paul hit the germany to win,way to go paul,and it was written on this oracle mind,the scoreline like wow,aregntina beaten by 4-0.pity lionel messi. -_-

And The Nightmare of this octopus never stopped!he never giving up on predicting,.and the next victim was germany,paul picked spain won against germany.and its true..spain go through the final!by a 1 goal scored by david villa..hey ho paul!

Final!finally!paul are really2 expert on predicting match..the Netherlands Lose on match against spain..thanks to paul once again.paul really loved spanish.haha.the score line was 1-0..;D

and,then there was a happy ending for spain and urmm err,for paul too.THE END :D

p.s;teringin nk makan sotong masak asam pedas :D

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